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Happy ever after


Dream really do come true well for the amazing couple we felt nothing but honour in being invited to capture the love story well what can we say we have shot at some very big expensive weddings but these guys showed us that you don't need a massive stately home or golf course to begin your new life and we will say it was up there with the high end no expense spared ones .

and the best bit about it for us apart from this #fairlytale couple is I have always wanted to shoot a magical wedding at the #waltdisneyworld WALT DISNEY WORLD FLORIDA this is my dream venue and these guys had made there big day #disney themed which was EPIC #epic and me and Stuart could see from the beginning of the day how in love they are. And now they have become brand new parents to happy little boy who will no doubt grow up to be a fine man i know i have rambled on in this blog post but with all that is going on in the world at the moment and yes i am talking about COVID-19 we all need a little happy ever after in our world right now and to all you that are planning your day I will say PLAN YOUR DAY for you not your family or friends plan something that in 50 years time you can look back on and say WOW I LOVE YOU remember that day #yourlovestory #deanpaulphotography

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