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What an Entrance

One our most recent weddings had an impressive entrance by the groom at the fantastic #wivenhoehouse all the guests were made to gather “shall we say free drinks” out in the garden whilst I (the photographer) was hidden out of site awaiting the arrival.

We all waited for around 10 minutes for a small glimpse but that 10 minutes felt like a lifetime then all of a sudden you could hear some kind of aircraft but as this is a busy flight path no one even murmured anything then all of a sudden this loud noise came rushing over the tree line just in front of the garden.

And there was a white helicopter coming into land on the backfield all the guests were wondering who it was we even heard a few guests say don’t they know there is a wedding on here how rude LOL. Whilst we were very busy getting shots of the helicopter landing waiting for the big reveal then the door opened out popped the piolet whom then proceeded to slide the side door open still all the guests had no clue until they saw the groom walk around then the biggest raw of cheering and clapping erupted from the garden.

I have to say this has to of been the most exciting and awesome entrance a groom could make take a look at the images from this moment. #new #followme #deanpaulphotography #colchester #essex #weddiingphotographer

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